About Us

At Alpine Litho-Graphics, service goes way beyond printing because we know our customers need – and expect – much more.

Personalized Products

We get to know you, your circumstances, and your needs personally. You don’t get cookie cutter work from us because we tailor to your needs. Take bid creation as an example. We donmt use off-the-shelf, fill-in-the-blank software to create a bid for your project. A person with a pencil prepares your bid based on experience, insights, and your specific needs.

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Small company, big service

You don’t have to wade through layers of organization to do business with us. We’re a small business, which means big things for our customers. 

Our owner is on hand and hands-on

Our people know our customers, which means we understand what you need. We’re on your team with good ideas and advice. 

We can handle the kinds of jobs you expect a small company to handle, and we can handle the kinds of projects you may expect only a large company can complete. 

Because we’re small, we’re nimble. That means we can often perform when larger companies can’t. 

You’ll get your project on time at your door. If you’re in the Kansas City area, we’ll likely deliver it ourselves. If you’re outside the city or your delivery is huge, we’ll use a carrier we know and you can depend on.

Once you’re set up with us, you can place orders through a secure web site. You save time and you can order at your convenience. 

We can help with inventory control and fulfillment. Once we produce your piece, we can store it for you and send it out as you need it. This is especially valuable for customers who have several locations. 

Our electronic processes mean quick proofs for your review and speedy revisions. No more days-long proof production and costly, time-consuming revisions.

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